The key words here are 'made by hand', 'professionalism' and 'patience'

Compression moulding is a method of production which is ideal for the manufacture of small to medium series of rubber products. Significant advantages of this method include the lower purchasing price of the mould and the short delivery times. We can also apply this technology to all types of rubber compounds. Compression moulding must be carried out by hand and requires professionalism and good old-fashioned patience. The trick is to remove the extremely fragile rubber product from the mould after compression without damaging it.

How does compression moulding work?

A predetermined quantity of cold rubber compound is placed in the ‘nest’ of the hot mould. The quantity is always slightly more than required, so that extra pressure arises in the mould. The mould is subsequently placed in the hydraulic press. The product is then vulcanised, time, pressure and temperature being crucial parameters during this process.

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