When quality and safety are vitally important

Van Kempen Rubber Specials is perfectly comfortable in the medical world, a world in which quality and safety are vitally important. Our innovative solutions include rubber seals for a range of medical devices, varying from artificial respiration equipment to sterilisation chambers. In the 1970s, we worked together with a gynaecologist to develop the first uterine prolapse pessary ring. Now, 40 years later, the demand for our pessaries is still rising.

Looking for a solution in rubber for a medically-related problem?

Let us take on the challenge! Do you have a problem for which there is no ready-made solution? One that requires pure customisation rather than a standard rubber product? This is precisely where we excel. We have built up an unrivalled wealth of specialist knowledge and experience over the past 50 years. We create cutting edge solutions for the most demanding sectors based on professionalism, experience and feeling.

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