For the most diverse sectors

For 50 years, Van Kempen Rubber Specials has been developing solutions for the most demanding sectors, from aviation to the food industries. Our customised rubber products meet the most stringent requirements and perform under the most extreme conditions. Does the end product have to withstand very low or very high temperatures, for example? Do you need a product that will conduct electrical current or, on the contrary, one that does not? And does it have to withstand liquids, oil or gas? Our first move is always to analyse the client's situation in detail and, based on the conditions under which the product will be used, get to work on the basic material from which the product will be made: the rubber mixture, or 'compound' as it is also known. This is a unique recipe which we develop in house.

Looking for a solution in rubber?

Let us take on the challenge! Do you have a problem for which there is no ready-made solution? One that requires pure customisation rather than a standard rubber product? This is precisely where we excel. We have built up an unrivalled wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in the last 50 years. We create cutting edge solutions for the most demanding sectors based on professionalism, experience and feeling.


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