Once upon a time, there was ...

A young man who was intrigued by the properties of rubber. Marinus van Kempen worked in a large rubber factory from an early age and grew in the profession with remarkable speed. In rubber circles, he soon became known as the 'man with the rubber nose'. In 1966, Marinus van Kempen started a rubber company in the shed behind his house. He developed new rubber products like a true inventor. And successfully, too. The shed rapidly became too small and Marinus moved to the Zandhorst, an industrial estate in Heerhugowaard. Moreover, his interest in rubber was infectious, and his son joined him in what was to become the 'family business'.

Fifty years later

Now, 50 years later, Van Kempen Rubber Specials develops solutions for the most demanding sectors all over the world. You can find our rubber products in aeroplanes, hospitals and even at the bottom of the sea. We have 17 employees, 5 of whom are family members, and we work for clients all over the world.

Do you want to know the secret of our family business? Well, we simply love to get to grips with complex problems and we see new opportunities where others give up. As a result of our enthusiastic attitude, we have built up an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 50 years. And we learn something new every day, because rubber has endless possibilities.

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