Van Kempen Rubber Specials celebrates its 50th anniversary

14 feb 2016

Hurray! Today is Van Kempen Rubber Specials' 50th anniversary! It is 50 years since Marinus van Kempen began his rubber company in the shed behind his house. Van Kempen Rubber Specials has now grown into a pioneering family business.

We currently have 17 people on staff, 5 of whom are family members, and we work for clients in the most demanding sectors all over the world. Do you want to know the secret of our family business? Well, we simply love to get to grips with complex problems and we see new opportunities where others give up. As a result of our enthusiastic attitude, we have built up an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 50 years. And we learn something new every day, because rubber has endless possibilities.

On an anniversary, you throw a party and that is why we are gathered here this evening, with all our employees, to celebrate our 50th anniversary in a big way. Let us drink to the next 50 years!