Stryrene Butadiene (SBR)

The rubber:

When first introduced the name Buna S was used (“Bu” for Butadiene”, “Na” for Sodium” and “S” for Styrene). SBR is a copolymere of styrene and butadiene and is developed as a alternative for natural rubber.

Resistance and properties:

SBR has a better properties where  high temperatures are concerned. With suitable fillers it is a strong rubber although not approaching natural rubber of polychloroprene. Otherwise it has similar chemical and physical properties to natural rubber, with general better abrasion resistance.

Downsides: Poor fatique resistance (especially compared to natural rubber). This rubber is not advised to be used with low temperatures.

SBR is used in the tyre industry and in shock isolators, but also in shoe heels and even in chewing gum.

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