Polychloroprene, CR

The rubber:

A chlorined polyisoprene. It is an all round elastomere, with properties similar to natural rubber. The world wide production of CR amounts to 300.000 tons per year.

Resistance and properties:

Because of its versatility, Chloroprene does not really excel at specific properties. However the equilibrium between the various properties is unique in the World of synthetic elastomeres.  

Generally speaking, the mechanical equilibrium of properties and abrasion resistance is good. Also the chemical, water, oil and heat resistance is good.

Polychloroprene also has a good ozone, heat ageing, dissolved acids and alkaline resistance. 

Chloroprene contains chlorine, which reduces the reaction to oxidising components. It is also moderately resistant to high molecular oils and a base for flame retardant.


It’s not advised to use Polychloroprene for fuel resistance.


Polychloroprene is widely used, varying from rubber gloves and pre-moulded foams to a mean of improvement of bitumen.